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Pia Toscano Eliminated from American Idol

Everyone is all sad about Pia Toscano’s elimination on Idol tonight.  I don’t know why.  This is all by design people.  Here’s what I think.  Jimmy Iovine ain’t “mentoring” and working in the studio with these nobodys for his health.  Please believe he struck a deal with Nigel Lythgoe for them to boot whatever contestant he wanted to sign and develop on his own looong before the finale.  They did it at this point for shock value.  That way, when Pia’s debut album is released, all those fools who felt she was gone too soon from Idol will run out and buy it.

She was devastated tonight, but she’ll be aight once she signs her first record deal.  By the way, I think the judges were in on the fix, as well.  I wondered weeks ago why the hell they saved Casey seeing as though he can’t even sing.  Now I know!  They needed to get rid of “the save” in order to throw Pia under the bus!  Yes, I sound crazy, but if you think that the music industry isn’t this manipulative and orchestrated, then you’re the crazy one.

Of course, all of this is alleged and ONLY my opinion.

Do you agree or disagree?

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Fantasia…American Idol to Kuntry Mistress?

Dayum Tasia, are times that hard?  Allegedly, Fantasia is fucking a married father of 2 children.  He was selling mobile phones and evidently, she was buying…more than minutes! 

After their encounter, they allegedly boned twice in a hotel, which she know doubt paid for.  Then after 5 seconds of American Idol kitty, he left his wife and children to move into Fantasia’s kuntry mansion and travelled with her while she did the Color Purple!  Ummph ummmph ummmph!

We also just heard that she supposedly has his last name tattooed on her chest!  WHAT is wrong with her (if true)?  Surely having American Idol Winner in front of your name get can you dick from anywhere.  This bitch done reverted to married Metro PCS T-Mobile sales associates.  I won’t even discuss how she has a daughter who’s seeing this bullshit take place!  What would Mama Oprah have to say?

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Ellen Degeneres – New American Idol Judge

Today, Ellen Degeneres announced that she will be the 4th judge on the upcoming season of American Idol!  Holy SHIZZ!  You besta work Ellen!  Damnit if Porsia didn’t come up!

Is this not the best thing to happen to that damn show…been dying a slow painful death since that 20 something year old who looked 45 won? 

She said that it’s been in the works for a couple of weeks!  I think what she meant was it’s been in the works since she was a guest judge on Idol’s sister show So You Think You Can Dance.  That was nothing but a working interview to see how fans would respond to her!

Poor Paula Abdul…they’ve been planning to throw her pill poppin ass out fire her since they brought Kara on the show.  Now this!  I smell a Mariah Carey breakdown coming on.

Brilliant Nigel Lythgoe, brilliant!  Now if you could make a decision that great about your shag, we’d all be appreciative.

Click here to watch the announcement!

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